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  1. HIV virus should be entered to the blood or body fluids such as limphoid tissue directly or indirectly (eg : Via sexual transmission). It does NOT cause the disease (AIDS) when it entered to the body via mouth.It is Experimentally proved. Ingestion of HIV virus cause no problems. But there is a risk if the person has wounds in mouth. Another thing is HIV virus will not be survive for long time in side Banana. But it can live considerable time inside the banana or whatever media if it is injected with blood. But it can't continue its life cycle inside banana. Osmotic change and other chemical environment inside the plant tissues can destroy the virus. If it is ingested,acids inside the stomach and other some other body fluids will inactivate the viral action of HIV. Any how it is impractical to say that it can cause disease by ingestion unless the person has wound in his mouth.


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